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Our Staff

Megan -  Veterinary Technician 

  Megan -  Veterinary Technician 

Megan started working at Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic October 1st, 2021. She has been in the veterinary field for over 20 years! Twenty amazing years of learning many on the job skills from working reception, to grooming and boarding, assisting veterinarians, performing x-rays, running blood work and assisting in surgery. She also enjoy's going to the yearly ISVMA Convention and other continuing education seminars to keep up on what is current in the field. What Megan loves most about the Veterinary field is the camaraderie among coworkers and doctors. The amount of trust we have in each other is unbreakable. And you can see that bond with the amazing owners and their pets!

In her free time Megan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, kayaking, yoga, traveling and volunteering with the Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue.

Megan has two dogs. Penelope who is a lab mix and loves agility. And Wallace who is a Boston Terrier with a lot of sass!

Allison -  Veterinary Technician 

Allison -  Veterinary Technician 

Allison started at Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic on April 18th 2022. Being raised on a farm, she was always around animals, to the big: horses, cows, and sheep to the small: chicken, cats, and dogs. The TVs shows that she would watch growing up really inspired her to work with animals (the Crocodile Hunter, Kratt Brothers).

What she loves about this field is knowing that she can help people’s pets feel better gives her peace of mind. One of the hardest parts of this field is seeing the neglected animals knowing someone has done this breaks her heart.

Her favorite quote is “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”- Bob Ross.

Her hobbies include spending time with her family, friends, yoga, painting, and reading. She has 3 cats: Wednesday female 7 yrs black DSH, Friday female 3 yrs gray/white Tabby, and Whiskey female 3 yrs brown/black Bengal. They all have green eyes, but very different personalities. She loves watching them chase each other, also jumping all over the furniture, and using the laser pointer. Her favorite is when they all cuddle around her making it hard for her to move.

Angie - Certified Veterinary Technician

Orsi - Veterinary Technician

Orsi - Veterinary Technician

Orsi has been with Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic since February 2022. She graduated with her Associates in Applied Science of Veterinary Technician degree from Joliet Junior College in 2021. She is compassionate and loves working with clients and their fur-babies as a team. She believes in individualized care and making exams and treatments as stress free as possible. In her free time, Orsi loves to spend time with her husband traveling and scuba diving through shipwrecks and caves filled with stingrays and other marine life.

Lauren -Veterinary Technician

Lauren has been with Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic since October 10th, 2019. She has a bachelor degree in Biology. She loves every day in and out in the veterinary field. I love the medical aspect meanwhile getting to see the joy and how thankful our clients are when we are able to help their baby is the best feeling in the world. Seeing all the adorable and sweet pets everyday is also super fun. And the best part is when a nervous pet comes in, we figure out what works for them and they come back not as nervous is also so rewarding! 

In her free time she likes to workout, do yoga and watch movies at home with her pets. Lauren also has her own pet sitting business where she gets to enjoy watching wonderful pets while their owners are away. 

Lauren has two cats a female named Salem (calico) and a male named Binx (black). They are more like dogs and just love attention and anyone who will give it to them. She also has a male pit mix Georgie who is about 10 yrs old and is the biggest baby in the world. He is a special needs pup and hates to be left alone. He thinks he is a lap dog but is 55lbs of pure love. He makes a weird grunt/growl noise but we call it his purr cause all he knows how to do is smother you in kisses and the more attention he gets the louder he gets!

Anna - Receptionist

Anna - Receptionist

Anna has been with the Nighthawk Veterinary family since August of 2022. You will see her front and center behind the reception desk when you come in! She does also on occasion hop to the treatment area to help our fabulous team of technicians and doctors when they need a hand.

She grew up in Joliet, IL and has been in this field for about 10 years. Her husband Raul and her share three beautiful fur babies together who they love to pieces. Stella their oldest is a 10yr old female Pitbull/Boxer mix, DJ their 9yr old male Pitbull, and lastly is Zeus their 8yr old male Pitbull. She could not imagine her life without any of them. They are all such a big part of why she has chosen to be in this field. She has always loved animals and knew that she wanted to work with them from a young age.

She has worked in rescue hosting adoption events and placing animals into their forever homes and have also worked in a few animal clinics and hospitals. She has had many different roles such as working Reception, helping assist the doctors in exam rooms, filling prescriptions, purchasing supplies and tracking inventory for previous clinics. It has been an absolute pleasure working at Nighthawk. She truly consider herself lucky to have found such a great clinic. Everyone here is beyond amazing. She looks forward to many more years here expanding my knowledge and helping people to understand the importance of Veterinary Medicine.

Daina - Receptionist

Daina - Receptionist

Daina (die-nuh) has been with the Nighthawk family since mid July of 2022, after she moved back to her home state of Illinois. She has worked in the field for over 3 years. Being here has been a dream because she has been able to learn many new things and meet so many wonderful people.
If she is not at work, you'll catch her with her ferret, Franklin. She adopted him with his sister Flora about 4 years ago, from a rehoming situation. Franklin's favorite activities include: stealing anything he can manage to pick up, nipping at her toes to make her play with him and sleeping in stray t-shirts or blankets.
When Franklin is taking his 18 hour a day sleep, she enjoys going to live music events, playing video games and making art or eyeshadows. She
 looks forward to helping out more at the clinic and learning everything she can in the process!

Danyahl - Hospital/Inventory Manager

Danyahl - Hospital/Inventory Manager
Danyahl has been with Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic since June 3rd, 2021. She has her associates in animal technology from Bel-Rae Technical Institute in Denver Colorado. She has been immersed in the animal world since she was 10 yrs old when she started volunteering at a local animal shelter. She is Fear Free Certified and enjoys getting to work with the more scared patients that come it.

In her free time she enjoys getting to spend time with her loving husband Norbert and their daughter Zofia. She loves to cook and bake, go hiking and watch movies.

Danyahl has 3 dogs, Lynn who is a 12 year old chihuahua, Kalitta who is a 10 year old Am. Staff and Lenox who is a 6 year old chihuahua. The three of them are best friends and Lenox loves to sleep on top of Kalitta all the time. She also has 1 cat, Mallory who is 19 years old. Mallory has been all over the U.S. with Danyahl and loves to ride in the car.